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Safe Drinking Water

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Water is a crucial component to the presence from claiming an aggregation. Protected drinking water Furthermore economical sanitation is vital for those full delight about an aggregation and every one other human privileges. However, those umteenth estimates that About 900 million individuals live without clean water What's more no less than 4,000 Youngsters bite the dust consistently starting with water-related sicknesses. Every year over 8,000 know youngsters pass on of looseness of the bowels clinched alongside Nepal alone. Unicef noted, more than 155 million people, alternatively 39 % of the number to West Furthermore focal Africa, don't have to get with potable water. 5. 6 million Nepali individuals are without clean drinking water. 36% percent of the world number absence moved forward sanitation facilities, Also 768 million people even now utilization perilous drinking water sources. The widespread revelation for human privileges 1948 (UDHR) and the worldwide contract with respect to Economic, social Also social privileges 1966 (ICESCR) settle on no express notice something like goodwill water. However, since these documents are the establishment Also hotspot of every one mankind's rights, they by implication manage protected water Likewise An human right. A number national constitutions Also laws perceive those straight will water Furthermore sanitation or secure An obligation on the legislature with satisfy this vital correct. It might have ended up distinguished through translation in the courts so as on envelop the right to life for pride. Global lawful instruments Furthermore sacred consolidation need aid confirmation of the determined development of the idea of a good on water Concerning illustration an essential human right What's more this will be a agreement unmistakably developing All around the universe.And being a Nepali it is my right to help our country by providing a better water purification system which will help us to drink safe water.

Right to safe drinking water is essential to the realisation of all human rights and this despite being the most basic necessity is still in accessible to people residing in the Valley. The scarcity of water in the Valley is a year round problem for most but the stark reality of shortage of clean drinking water sinks in deep during the dry season. Most Valley dwellers wait for a week to get water supply in their taps or depend on deep wells or buy drinking water shelling out exorbitant amount of money to meet their water needs.

With the rise in population in the Valley water scarcity has inevitably taken an ugly turn. Central Bureau of Statistics shows that Nepal has the population growth rate of 1.35 per cent per annum and Kathmandu accounts for the highest growth rate of 4.78 per cent. According to Shekhar Chandra KC, Information Officer at Department of Water Supply and Sewerage (DWSS), the average per capita consumption of water was 35 litres per day earlier but it has increased to 50-100 litres in rural areas and 100-135 litres in urban cities.

It is ironic to say that water scarcity is one of the biggest problems in Nepal, despite being the second richest country in water resources in the world. Rapid and unplanned urbanisation, lack of protection of water resources, adverse climate change, poor governance, lack of commitment and coordination between governing authorities, delayed drinking water projects, poor management system et cetera are key reasons for the current water crisis in Nepal.(Source :- https://thehimalayantimes.com/perspectives/right-s...)

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